One of the great challenges of the future consists of innovations in software, which, in the light of a rapid evolution towards an Internet society, are strengthening the economic performance of enterprises in their networks. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the key drivers for product and process innovations. Current basis for the development of the business software of the future is the paradigm shift in the software industry towards open service-oriented software platforms.

As part of the clusters of excellence competition (2007) the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) promotes the most powerful clusters, in which companies, academic institutions and other actors in a region work together to develop key technologies close to the market.

The so called “Software-Cluster” is one of the ten finalists of this competition. The project “Emergent - Grundlagen emergenter Software“ is part of the Software-Cluster and deals with research and development of basic concepts, technologies and business processes for “emergent” software. The term “emergent software” represents a new category of distributed, innovative information systems that occur across the enterprise from the interaction of individual components and services on the Internet and therefore have a higher quality performance. Emergent software dynamically adapts to the demands of the market and the business environment (adaptivity), supporting complex and dynamic business networks (agility), and provides innovative services in the future Internet. Emergent software enables and requires completely new processes in the software industry, which the software cluster will provide. The paradigm of emergent software provides the software vendors of the software cluster with a significant competitive advantage over conventionally organized, static software solutions for enterprises. The implementation of the cluster target requires in particular the creation of the necessary foundations in IT security for emergent software.

In Emergent the Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity GmbH has a leading role in the development of a trusted infrastructure for emergent software and cloud computing, in requirements analysis for continuous security in the area of digital business processes and in the holistic modeling of the security requirements of Internet services on all levels.

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