MicroTSS und TDD

The MicroTSS is a flexible software stack to ease the usage of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for embedded, desktop, and server systems.

Intuitive Programming Interface

Using a TPM enables both, the secure generation and storage of cryptographic keys as well as the integrity measurement (trusted boot) and the integrity verification (remote attestation) of computing platforms. However, the software stack (TSS) specified by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) to access a TPM is very complex and error-prone which prevents organizations from using TPMs in their own products. In contrast, the MicroTSS makes it easy to use a TPM, because during the design and implementation phase a user-friendly and intuitive programming interface as well as an abstraction from the underlying complexity was the main focus. As a result, the MicroTSS allows an easy and reliable implementation of TPM functionality with only a minimal number of code lines. Therefore, the MicroTSS is especially well-suited for the development of TPM-based software components and training in the contect of Trusted Computing.

High Scalability: For Embedded, Desktop, and Server Systems

The core of the MicroTSS consists of independent software modules providing a compact interface. Therefore, the MicroTSS can be used on both, devices with limited ressources and on desktop and server systems. Especially in the context of embedded systems and special-purpose applications, the MicroTSS includes a module to directly access a TPM device. For more complex environments, a TCP/IP-based multiplexer (tcsd), allowing multiple applications to access the TPM, is available.

Easy Migratability and Extendability

Due to the consequent realization in C++, the MicroTSS can be ported to new IT systems with less efforts efforts. Moreover, the modular design allows an easy extension of new functionalities and simplifies the integration into existing applications.


The MicroTSS is the foundation of the TPM Compliance Test Suite of the TCG. Moreover, the MicroTSS is used in different projects based on different operating systems (such as Windows, Linux and Android) and different hardware platforms (such as IA32, IA64, ARM).

MTM Support Available

In addition to TPMs, the MicroTSS also provides an MTM module to access the extended functionalities of a Mobile Trusted Module (MTM).


For extensions and adaptions of the MicroTSS, the TPM experts of Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity GmbH are available.

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