Ammar Alkassar, Chief Executive Officer

Ammar Alkassar is CEO of Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity, member of the German IT security association TeleTrusT board, membor of the export initiative “IT security made in Germany” and Director of the European Center for IT Security in Bochum (Germany). 
In his previous position as chairman of the board of Sirrix AG, he was responsible for the COMSEC and BOS business areas and the cross-sectional areas of sales, business development and communications. Ammar Alkassar has a 15-year career in the field of cryptography and IT security, with scientific stations in the U.S. and Finland. He has won several awards for his efforts, especially in the area of technology transfer.









Reik Hesselbarth, Chief Financial Officer

Reik Hesselbarth was most recently Chief Operations Officer of Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity ipoque. In this position, Mr. Hesselbarth led the development of the finance, legal, human resources, customer relationship management and IT departments.
Prior to joining ipoque in 2012, Mr. Hesselbarth worked for many years as an investment manager and managing director of a venture capital firm. He accompanied startups and SMEs in the development of organizational structures and strategies for their growth. He was and is a member of various supervisory boards of companies with strong growth in the IT industry.

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