Military and governmental organizations depend on confidential and authentic communications. Over-the-air radio communications can be easily intercepted using simple and publicly available tools. Insufficient security for information over the air can cause severe damage for safety and harness mission critical assets. Therefore, it essential to protect sensitive information transmitted over-the-air from unauthorized access, eavesdropping and manipulation.

HandsetCrypt allows encrypted transmission of digital voice via complex analog radio systems. It enables encrypted communication even in harsh conditions at low transmission speeds. The handset delivers excellent audio quality and speaker recognition in real-time. Due to its narrowband voice coding and robust multi-carrier modem, there is no reduction in radio range compared to normal clear voice operations. The entire electronics are incorporated into a ruggedized aluminum handset enabling functionality in harsh conditions.

  • Optimized for HF/SSB radios: for bandwidths between 300Hz to 2900H
  • Excellent audio quality: speech data rate of 2400 bps
  • Easy to deploy: replaces the usual radio handset and is connected through standard handset connectors
  • Easy to use: volume control, on/off, key selection, and PTT buttons directly placed on the handset
  • Security: up to 256 different keys
  • Late entry function: allows new members to join groups
  • Tamper protection function: maximum protection of key materials
  • Rechargeable battery: up to 24h of service