Sirrix Partner Model

In April 2012, with a clear focus on standard products and introducing new products to the market, Sirrix introduced the Sirrix partner model.
Depending on which Sirrix products you would like to sell as a Sirrix partner, you can become certified to sell Sirrix products either as a Certified Partner (Browser in the Box only), Advanced Partner or Premium Partner. 
You will immediately enjoy all the benefits of the partner model:
You will be given priority for new leads and have the option of participating in joint marketing activities such as trade fairs and events. Together we will create a business plan and develop steps to expand your business with existing customers and win new customers. In the initial phase, we will provide on‑site support for your sales employees and accompany them to customer meetings.
Please contact us or complete the registration form. Soon, you too can benefit from doing business with Sirrix products.

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