R&S®Net Sensor

R&S®Net Sensor is a technically advanced, intelligent IP probe that allows network operators and service providers to extract meaningful network traffic and subscriber behavior data as well as identify statistical trends both in mobile and fixed networks. When deployed in combination with an analytics system like R&S®Net Reporter, it delivers valuable insights into the traffic on the operator’s network for a better understanding of new trends, important subscriber behavior and their quality of experience. The provider can use this data to efficiently plan network capacity, introduce new services and generate additional revenue through targeted marketing.

Key facts

  • Versatile IP probe that can provide valuable data about subscribers and traffic.
  • Very high application and protocol classification rate due to leading embedded application classification and metadata extraction engine R&S®PACE.
  • Flexible and reliable reporting API that allows realtime reporting of counters and classification results to analytics systems.
  • Deployable in mobile, fixed and converged networks
  • End-to-end capture and statistical analysis system together with R&S®Net Reporter
  • Very cost-efficient
  • Available with flexible interface configurations for extended connectivity
  • Part of the comprehensive range of mobile network testing solutions from Rohde & Schwarz

Probing 2000 protocols and applications at full line speed

Using R&S®PACE, the leading application classification engine from ipoque, R&S®Net Sensor delivers high accuracy application and protocol detection. The detection list covers the 2000 most used applications and protocols from all geographical regions and across various business fields. By providing the full classification vector for layer 3 to layer 7 and above, R&S®Net Sensor delivers full traffic awareness and consistent performant reporting capabilities. R&S®Net Sensor is designed to passively probe mobile, fixed and converged networks at full line speed. The classification results as well as the control plane data (e.g. GTP-C, RADIUS, DHCP) are reliably communicated to the storage, analytics and reporting systems for further processing and correlation.

Flexible realtime and long-term reporting

Featuring a high-performance reporting API, R&S®Net Sensor ensures realtime flexible reporting, enabling downstream analytics to process and immediately present the available data. Due to its extendibility and high adaptability, the R&S®Net Sensor reporting API can be extended by adding new detections reported by the classification engine and additional types of reported data, depending on customer needs. In addition to the full classification vector, R&S®Net Sensor also provides application attributes to map additional details to each detected application. As a result, it not only reports the full protocol split for layer 3 to layer 7, but also valuable additional information such as the type of communications, application-specific activity, etc.


R&S®Net Sensor is designed to work in mobile, fixed or converged networks. The examples below show how R&S®Net Sensor can be deployed in fixed or mobile networks.

Use cases for network operators

Network management and planning:

  • Is better connectivity to certain content delivery networks necessary based on the subscriber access frequency and throughput?
  • What percentage of traffic is video? Should the video optimization capability be enhanced?
  • What was the network traffic profile at a particular date and time when many customers complained of low data speed?
  • Is it sufficient to invest in capacity expansion or is a traffic management solution required?

Marketing & product management:

  • Do subscribers with a certain type of device consume more social media data? Should we market a bundled offer that includes an unlimited social media plan together with a certain type of phone?
  • How do certain subscriber categories react to pricing changes, offers, events, etc.? Use this knowledge to refine the marketing strategy.