Secure Communications

Illegal wiretapping poses ever greater risks when it comes to the confidentiality of voice communications, especially since the technical effort involved has become even less complex with the advent of voice over IP (VoIP) and mobile networks. Our "Secure Communications" solutions prevent unsafe connections, so that your communications are always effectively protected against interception.


Combined end-to-end-encryption.

Fax- and Voice Encryption

End-to-end-encryption for faxing.

TopSec Mobile

Tap-proof phone calls with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and...


Highly secure voice and data communications for military organizations and government authorities.


RadioCrypt modules are designed to provide the highest level of radiocommunications security.


Handset with integrated encryption.


Multimode multirole crypto device

R&S®FT5066 Trusted Filter

Radio control information filter – red/black separation to STANAG

Digital Line Interfaces

Sirrix.PCI ISDN is a family of PCI-based ISDN interface cards.