R&S®FT5066 Trusted Filter

Radio control information filter – red/black separation to STANAG.

The R&S®FT5066 trusted filter has been developed for a scenario consisting of a STANAG 5066 message handling application involving a radio and/or modem interface and a remote control protocol. The device provides firewall functionality for the radio's control information. Inserted in the control path of a system, the filter provides strict red/black separation. This ensures that only explicitly permitted control commands are transmitted and prevents (un)intentional data leakage over the control interface.

One aspect often neglected in a communications system is the threat caused by the transmission of control information. The path for control information is necessarily nearly always plain. As a result, it can be deliberately or unwittingly abused, e.g. through a programming error, to circumvent the encryption mode and transmit sensitive information openly. The R&S®FT5066 protects the control path and prevents accidental diversion of red data to the black side of the system.

Key facts

  • Rigid enforcement of classification boundary between red and black data
  • Prevents data leakage over the control interface
  • Operates in systems classified up to SECRET
  • Built-in tests and access control
  • Audio/visual status indicators and detailed logging function
  • Supports R&S®M3SR radios, Harris and RM6 as well as GA-123 modems

R&S®FT5066 Trusted Filter is a product of Rohde & Schwarz SIT GmbH, Stuttgart.

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