Illegal wiretapping poses ever larger risks when it comes to the confidentiality of voice communication, especially since the technical effort involved has become even less complex with the rise of voice over IP (VoIP) and mobile networks. So-called IMSI-catchers are available on the market, which fake a base station towards a mobile phone and can thus be used for a man-in-the-middle attack. Other attackers focus directly on the internal network of a mobile provider to catch many more calls as they pass the respective switches. This threat becomes very real when road warriors travel in less secure or less trustworthy areas around the world. Up to now, the market predominantly offered isolated standalone products for voice encryption in a single network, requiring identical, specialized end-user devices. This has constrained widespread, easy use of such technology.

CryptoGateway combines secure mobile communications with existing landline phones based on VoIP technology:

•    Seamless encryption between mobile and landline phones
•    Prevents unsecure connections via the mobile or public fixed telephone network
•    Secure multi-party telephone conferences are possible
•    Outsiders are always faced with fully encrypted voice calls
•    Any extension within the organization can be used to communicate with secure mobile phones
•    Up to 30 simultaneous encrypted calls possible