Over-the-air radiocommunications can be easily intercepted, and today almost anyone can eavesdrop on radiocommunications using simple, publicly available tools.

Military and other governmental organizations in particular depend on confidential and authentic communications during their work. Insufficient security for information over the air can cause severe damage to safety, threaten lives and affect the economy. It is therefore essential to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or any kind of manipulation.


The Sirrix.HandsetCrypt provides a high-grade digital voice cipher system especially designed as a universal handset for HF/SBB radios, using robust multicarrier modem technology. The Sirrix.Handset-Crypt enables optimal connections even under poor radio conditions. Even with very low transmission speeds, the handset delivers excellent audio quality and speaker recognition in realtime. Due to the narrowband voice coding and robust multi-carrier modem, there is no reduction in radio range compared to normal clear voice operation of the radio.

The entire sophisticated electronics is integrated into a ruggedized aluminum handset.


The Sirrix.HandsetCrypt integrates strong digital, AES-based, end-to-end encryption to almost every legacy analog HF/SBB radio systems.
The Sirrix.HandsetCrypt can be very easily deployed. It simply replaces the usual radio handset and is connected through the standard handset connector of the HF radio. Different connector types can easily be adjusted to be compatible with almost every HF radio. Only the signals for PTT, microphone and speaker are necessary.
The crypto handset supports multiple user groups with up to 256 different keys. The late entry function allows new group members to join already established and deployed groups within a short time. A tamper protection function protects the key material and includes automatic erasing, e.g., if the included li-ion battery falls below a certain threshold or in critical situations.

The keys are loaded from the key management console directly into the crypto handset. Sirrix.HandsetCrypt includes modern AES-based or customer-specific and self-synchronizing cryptography. Received (RX) voice and transmitted (TX) voice are independent and use different keys. Integrating the encryption into the handset adds different advantages. For instance, the crypto device is independent of the radio and can be personally carried and easily protected. The advantage is that an authorized person can use several radios with his personal Sirrix.HandsetCrypt.

The Sirrix.HandsetCrypt allows encrypted transmission of digital voice via complex analog radio systems. It has been optimized for HF/SSB radios and works efficiently with an available bandwidth between 300Hz to 2900Hz. It achieves a speech data rate of 2400 bps, providing a very good audio quality. The coding delay of approximately 100 ms is excellent and substantially eases speech recognition. With its fully digital operation, the Sirrix HandsetCrypt also offers a clear-override service.

Volume control, on/off, key selection, and PTT buttons are included in the handset, making it easy and convenient to use.