Over-the-air radiocommunications can be easily intercepted, and today almost anyone can eavesdrop on radiocommunications using simple, publicly available tools. Military and other governmental organizations in particular depend on confidential and authentic communications during their work. Insufficient security for information over the air can cause severe damage to safety, threaten lives and affect the economy.

It is therefore essential to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or any kind of manipulation.


Sirrix.RadioCrypt modules are designed to provide the highest level of radiocommunications security against eavesdropping. Sirrix VHF/UHF radio encryption modules are an ideal, cost-effective solution for high-end voice encryption for governmental and defense organizations, police departments and public safety organizations.

Sirrix offers wire-in modules for easy installation into most common and well-known mobile radios, including Motorola, Kenwood and others. The Sirrix.RadioCrypt modules use a highly sophisticated, DSP-based vocoder to compress speech and adapt the audio signals to the low bit channel rate. This ensures high audio quality despite the narrowband FM channel.

Audio signals are encrypted and transmitted using a special multicarrier modem technology for optimal bandwidth usage of the radio channel, preserving the full radio range.


The Sirrix.RadioCrypt modules integrate strong digital, AES-based, end-to-end encryption on legacy analog radio systems. The modules support multiple user groups with different keys. The late entry function allows new group members to join already established and deployed groups within less than one second. The modules come in a tiny format and are adapted for each radio type.

They can be integrated into radios like Kenwood TK 3140 and TK 8180 or Motorola GP 380. Other handheld or mobile radios are available upon request. If necessary, the module can be repackaged to meet specific mechanical and electrical requirements. An external, plug-in solution can also be provided upon request for a certain radio type. The high-grade AES cipher algorithm with a key length of up to 256 bits ensures state-of-the art secure transmission.

The Sirrix.Radio-Crypt module provides a high-grade digital voice cipher system especially designed as an integrated module for VHF/UHF based FM radios, using robust multicarrier modem technology. The Sirrix.RadioCrypt module enables optimal connections even under poor radio conditions. Even with very low transmission speeds, Sirrix.RadioCrypt modules deliver excellent audio quality and speaker recognition in realtime. Due to the narrowband voice coding and multicarrier modem, there is no reduction in radio range compared to normal clear voice operation of the radio.