Insufficient protection leading to industrial espionage, loss of sensitive data and sabotage causes substantial financial damage to companies and public authorities. Communication via Fax is especially vulnerable for cyber attacks and eavesdropping. In order to prevent severe consequences, it is essential to secure communication transmitted over fax devices and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or manipulation.

SecureGateway provides authentication and encryption as a frontend device to any regular fax machine. It protects fax communications against eavesdropping and manipulation by both passive and active attackers. The device optionally acts as an e-mail gateway delivering for encrypted fax documents. A separate key management device generates and distributes digital certificates.

  • Strong hybrid encryption of fax documents: using RSA private/public pair method (AES-256 method/RSA key pair method with key length of 8192 bits)
  • Full performance: sends encrypted fax messages at full speed V.34 speed of 33.6 kbit/s over PSTN lines
  • Easy to implement: supports digital (ISDN) and IP transmission (fax over IP) of G3 fax documents
  • Authentication management: ensuring only targeted users receive the facsimile (optional)