TopSec Mobile

The TopSec Mobile is a mobile encryption device for tap-proof, end-to-end voice calls using smartphones, PCs, fixed-network phones and satellite terminals.

Companies and government authorities use telephones and smartphones to share confidential information. However, voice calls, particularly on mobile devices, can be easily tapped and recorded. This is why official secrets and confidential company data must be protected by powerful encryption. At the same time, users want a simple and flexible security solution that enables them to make phone calls as usual without complicated communications processes.

The TopSec Mobile meets the highest security requirements and enjoys a high level of user acceptance. It is an external encryption device that connects to smartphones, PCs and satellite terminals via Bluetooth®. The TopSec Mobile is used whenever a conversation needs to be confidential. Voice input, encryption and output takes place exclusively on the trustworthy TopSec Mobile hardware, out of reach of viruses, Trojans and other spyware.

Key facts

  • External encryption device for highest security requirements
  • Smartphones maintain full functionality; existing communications devices and infrastructures can still be used
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to Bluetooth® connection to commercial smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and PCs
  • Secure end-to-end voice calls in IP-based networks (secure VoIP)
  • Worldwide contactability in wireless, wired and satellite IP networks
  • Voice encryption using the advanced encryption standard (AES) 256-bit key
  • Approved for NATO RESTRICTED and German VS-V