Secure Endpoint

We offer innovative, proactive solutions to protect your endpoint equipment: laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Our broad spectrum of single- source solutions covers all key aspects of an advanced IT landscape. From secure browsing and secure desktops with comprehensive protection against advanced persistent threats to secure mobile devices and voice encryption to hard disks, device encryption and encryption for cloud- based memory and file shares.
We also offer smart card and identity management and a trustworthy networked infrastructure with information flow control. An easily administered, standardized and centralized system to manage your devices and security guidelines ensures seamless integration into existing network infrastructures and directory services.

Browser in the Box

Browser in the Box is a virtual environment for secure and comfortable web browsing.


TrustedDisk helps you saving your data from theft!


TrustedDesktop provides an all-new level of protection both against attacks from outside...

R&S®Trusted Mobile

R&S®Trusted Mobile provides a platform for smartphones and tablets that fulfills any...

TrustedObjects Manager

The overall system monitors itself and prevents all manipulations – both remote and local attempts.

TrustedIdentity Manager

Easy implementation and management of secure, certificate-based authentication and encryption.


The R&S®CryptoServer is a high-performance, tamper-proof cryptographic hardware security...