Browser in the Box

The virtual environment for secured and comfortable web browsing

Browsing the Internet has become an absolutely necessity in today’s work environments. No-one even considers collecting information without using the web. But our computers also process confidential and critical information such personal and company-internal data. Using the Internet offers huge benefits, but is also subject to constantly changing threats. The development of different browser versions in the past years can be seen not only as functional progress but as a constant race in the battle against various attack scenarios.

Ever since the Internet has become active with the advent of Web 2.0, the balance between threats and benefits has been lost. “Active content” has become a standard part of modern web sites. Websites are more and more indistinguishable from full blown native applications. Programming interfaces like JavaScript, Java, ActiveX or VBScript provide a means for accessing the computer and its resources such as its file system or webcam. Trojans and viruses can abuse such powerful tools e.g. to steal confidential data. Companies and authorities alike are facing a dilemma: to substantially limit the use of the Internet or to find a way of living with existing threats.

Downloads and license information

Browser in the Box - Enterprise

Single user version freely available for private persons

Browser in the Box - SMB

Browser security for small and medium businesses

Browser in the Box Terminal Server

Browser in the Box for Terminal Servers