All data is encrypted before it leaves the computer of the user. Encrypted data can be shared with other users. The encryption and all necessary keys are under the full control of the user. PanBox was developed for Windows, Linux and for Android-based mobile devices. The application is optimized for usage with Dropbox but can also be used with other cloud-storage services or file shares.

For enterprises and consumers

PanBox was developed with a focus on usability and high security. The solution is equally well suited for consumers and for use within enterprises. PanBox seamlessly integrates with the client software of cloud providers. Files are organized by the user within (sub)folders called shares. These are automatically synchronized with the cloud-storage service.

PanBox provides a virtual drive within the file system for these shares. In those shares, arbitrary files and folders can be created, read and modified. They are encrypted on-the-fly and thus never appear in plain text on the file system. 

Protection of confidentiality and integrity of data

PanBox protects the confidentiality and integrity of data without sacrificing performance. Neither the cloud provider nor other unauthorized third persons can read or manipulate data protected by PanBox.

No restrictions on existing cloud-storage features

PanBox respects existing features of cloud storage services (e.g. sharing, backup of revisions, etc.) while protecting data. User groups (like friends or departments in companies) can share data by simultaneously accessing the shares.

Management of share participants and devices

The key management concept provides user- and device-specific keys and gives the user flexible control of access rights for share participants and devices. The impact of theft or loss of a PanBox device can be minimized since only the access rights and corresponding keys for this device have to be revoked. 

Consistent security model

PanBox provides shared access to data without relying on the cloud provider’s identity and access management. For maximum security, PanBox generates all keys locally on the user’s device. Keys are exchanged directly between the user’s devices without the use of any registration service.

Open source version

PanBox was developed with the goal of providing a free cloud security solution for the public. It was a joint development of Fraunhofer SIT and Sirrix and is available as an open source for Windows, Linux and Android. This enables security auditing by third parties and allows community-based development. 

PanBox Enterprise

The enterprise version of PanBox offers enterprises and public administrations a central PKI, integrated key and user management with a central directory service (LDAP, Active Directory). 

PanBox is also available for Android:

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