R&S®Trusted Mobile

Mobile security by R&S®Trusted Mobile

Mobile devices such as smartphones and especially tablets are very popular – it is hard to imagine life without them. They are not only used intensively for private communications, they also play an important role in business. Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular in companies and among public authorities in order to increase efficiency. They make is possible to access the corporate network and its sensitive data anytime, anywhere. And private apps can be installed and used on the same device. High security risks are associated with using mobile devices. Data such as contacts or e-mails that are saved on smartphones can easily be read out. Protection via password or PIN is not sufficient and can be easily circumvented.

Mobile devices tend to be lost or are often stolen, enabling strangers to access sensitive business data. The main risk in this context is malware, even inside applications. Attackers use malicious apps tp try to steal data of any application on the mobile device. This could be contacts, messages, voice communications, e-mails or credit card information that is entered during online banking. Adequate security measures are therefore indispensable for secure, efficiency-increasing use of mobile devices in enterprises.

Separation of private and business, data and apps

R&S®Trusted Mobile(TM) provides a platform for smartphones and tablets that fulfills all requirements for secure use. Based on the hardened TURAYA(TM) security kernel for Android, the system is divided into two areas: an open “private” and a protected “corporate” area. Applications and data in each area are strictly separated from each other. Even private user-installed apps cannot attack sensitive business data.

Secure access to business ressources

The separation between a “corporate” and “private” area enables safe access to business resources. Applications inside the corporate area can access and exchange data such as e-mails, contacts, calendars and the Intranet via a secure VPN tunnel. Access to external websites inside the corporate area is protected by a corporate firewall that filters out dangerous content. R&S®Trusted Mobile also offers easy-to-use e-mail encryption in line with S/MIME standards and end-to-end security. Voice communications can be encrypted easily and extensively with optional modules (secure telephony). The flexibility of a smartphone is always maintained. In the private area, apps can be installed without affecting the flow of communications inside the corporate network.