Protect your data from being stolen. Trusteddisk can help. Approved for classified data.

Today’s hard disks possess enormous storage space that makes it possible to save sensitive data locally. This comes with high security risks since notebooks and mobile storage devices like USB sticks or portable hard disks are often stolen or simply left behind.
In order to prevent sensitive data from being accessed by strangers in the case of theft or loss, the data has to be securely and effectively encoded. The most comprehensive and therefore the safest method is full-disk encryption.

Full-disk encryption by TrustedDisk

The TrustedDisk full-disk encryption solution encrypts not only the user data, but also the entire operating system and any temporary data. TrustedDisk uses a transparent realtime encryption method that maintains the smooth running  productivity of all working stations. If a user wants to start his computer, he has to identify himself before booting (pre-boot authentication). He does so by entering a hardware token and confirming the input with a PIN. This is the only way a user can access the computer.

Device encryption

The above authentication principle also works for accessing mobile encrypted data storage media (USB sticks, external hard disks, etc.). These devices are even more likely to be stolen or left behind. Mobile storage devices often contain sensitive data for quick interexchange.
It is therefore imperative to effectively protect mobile data, but at the same time ensure that multiple users can access it. TrustedDisk allows easy and safe use of mobile encrypted data storage media – even in mixed environments.

Highest security: approved for classified data

TrustedDisk was developed in line with the latest requirements of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), which includes evaluated random number generation to maintain the highest security level. Via defined security profiles, individual security parameters can be defined for any client. The multilevel hardware-token authentication method ensures an up to now unrivaled and unique security level for standard hard disk encryption products and is very user-friendly.

Available as single-user or enterprise version

TrustedDisk can easily and quickly be installed for single working stations or in corporate networks with mixed environments (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Linux). Both versions require authentication via hardware token. Multiuser authorization can be configured and changed easily.
The multiuser feature enables several users and groups to simultaneously access encrypted storage devices. An “emergency” administrator can also be specified who is able to decode encrypted data if necessary.

Central management with TrustedObjects Manager

The TrustedDisk version for enterprises offers central management for user groups and roles. Access authorization can be changed remotely and set up according to user-defined security profiles. Innovative trusted computing technologies and the trusted platform module (TPM) help bind data access to unique devices. The TrustedObjects Manager also makes it easy to install updates in the corporate network. The central recovery function enables users who have lost their PINs to reset them using the challenge-response method. The PIN can be securely backed up remotely while maintaining the security level.

Press Release: Secure Full-Disk Encryption for the Federal Government