High security and data protection for public clouds

With R&S®Trusted Gate, sensitive information is protected against cyberattacks and data theft by a comprehensive portfolio of R&S®Trusted Gate solutions. In addition, compliance requirements for data storage are fulfilled and secure and data protection-compliant work in public clouds and collaboration tools is ensured.

With R&S®Trusted Gate you benefit from: 

  • Security with full performance and flexibility
  • Work in public clouds in compliance with data protection regulations
  • Next-generation security technology
  • Easy administration and user-friendliness
  • Independently manage the level of security in the cloud

The R&S®Trusted Gate solution portfolio

R&S®Trusted Gate
Solution for Office 365
Seamless integration for secure and transparent working in Office 365™ applications.

R&S®Trusted Gate
Solution for SharePoint
Securely encrypt documents in Microsoft® SharePoint™ and integrate them into existing workflows.

R&S®Trusted Gate
Data Diode Solution
Secure data transmission in security zones of different levels of classification for companies and authorities.

R&S®Trusted Gate
Secure Data Room Solution
Data room solution for secure data exchange and collaboration at the highest corporate level.

R&S®Trusted Gate
DLP Solution
Prevents the loss of confidential information via emails.

R&S®Trusted Gate
Mobile Access Solution
Secure access to confidential content via mobile devices.