TrustedGate Cloud Encryption

Cloud applications have become a core component for flexible collaboration between business partners. They offer opportunities, but also pose risks as cyber-attacks on the cloud can lead to the disclosure of confidential data.

TrustedGate Cloud Encryption protects your company´s data in the cloud against cyber-attacks, data theft and manipulation. Its innovative Virtual File (vFile) technology enables users to store and distribute data on multiple cloud servers and to easily manage governance, risk management and compliance requirements, for example concerning General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). TrustedGate Cloud Encryption automatically encrypts files they are while uploaded in the cloud. Once files are downloaded, they are decrypted and saved locally. Thereby, users work in their habitual cloud environment without compromises in regard to flexibility and performance.

TrustedGate Cloud Encryption is compatible with common cloud solutions (e.g. Google Drive,, Magenta Cloud) and data formats. IT administrators are able to manage access rights for single users and groups. The solution is easy to scale and can be configured according to your company’s specific needs.

TrustedGate Cloud Encryption secures your companies data in the cloud and enables enterprises to comply with data security and GRC requirements without compromising their ability to work in the cloud.

  • Dynamic file encryption: With our innovative vFile-Technology that allows companies to work transparently and safely with files in in the cloud
  • Automatic encryption: Secures your data in the cloud through automatic encryption according to your company´s preferences
  • Block Cipher Mode: Ensures confidentiality and integrity through. symmetric document-centric keys and additional encryption with asymmetric keys
  • Secure, distributed cloud storage: Define inexpensive cloud environments to store large amounts of data without limiting collaboration and comply with data protection laws and GRC
  • Access right management: Access rights can be assigned with high granularity for groups and individual users
  • Simple administration and scalability: Product configuration according to your company´s specific needs
  • Compatibility: With all common cloud providers (e.g. Google Drive, Magenta Cloud) and file sharing systems (e.g. SAN, NAS)