TrustedGate SharePoint® Encryption

Many companies use MS SharePoint® as their collaboration platform, with or without cloud backend. TrustedGate SharePoint® Encryption encrypts sensitive and confidential enterprise data, stores it into MS SharePoint® and protects it from cyber-attacks, data theft and manipulation.

By virtualizing documents into so called vDocs, documents can be integrated in MS SharePoint® applications. They are automatically encrypted during the upload into MS SharePoint® and decrypted once being downloaded. In order to maintain full performance and flexibility, users work in their known MS SharePoint® environment. Documents are dynamically and automatically encrypted based on their classification marks. Access rights for users and groups can be defined according to specific needs.

Thanks to a search engine which is being used to store data in an encrypted index, TrustedGate SharePoint® Encryption enables full-text search in encrypted documents stored in MS SharePoint® Using this index, even large amounts of documents and data can easily, transparently and securely be searched for.

TrustedGate SharePoint® Encryption enables companies to encrypt documents and to integrate them in MS SharePoint® workflows. Plus, TrustedGate SharePoint® Encryption allows full text search in encrypted documents.

  • Dynamic file encryption: Through our innovative vDoc-Technology that allows you to work transparently and safely with documents in MS SharePoint®
  • Automatic encryption: Secures your documents in MS SharePoint® through automatic encryption according to your company´s defined preferences
  • Full-text search in encrypted documents: Even for large amounts of documents in MS SharePoint®
  • Secure, distributed cloud storage: Define inexpensive cloud environments and store large amounts of data without limiting collaboration
  • Access Right Management: Access rights can be assigned with high granularity for groups and individual users
  • Simple administration and scalability: Product configuration according to your company´s specific needs