Secure Networks

The extensive unified threat management solutions for medium-sized companies, the next-generation firewalls for highest security requirements in large companies and the R&S®SITLine ETH Ethernet encryptor protect organizations against espionage and the manipulation of data transported via Ethernet over landline, radio relay and satellite links. TrustedVPN provides a comprehensive state-of-the-art security infrastructure as a ready-to- run and fully automatic solution.

gateprotect Firewalls – Custom-Fit Network Security

Custom-Fit Network Security

Ethernet Encryption R&S®SITLine ETH

Protecting data center and site-to-site connections against eavesdropping

gateprotect VPN-Client

Optimal integration of laptops and home offices


The comprehensive state-of-the-art security infrastructure.

Web Application Firewall

DenyAll Web Application Firewalls (WAF) protects your websites & applications from defacement, denial of service, data leakage, identity theft and intrusion attempts.

Web Services Firewall

DenyAll Web Services Firewall, optimize the performance and security of your Web Services.

Web Access Manager

With DenyAll Web Acess Manager, streamline the authentication process to all your Web applications, simplify security for your users.

Vulnerability Manager

DenyAll Vulnerability Manager, proactively detects vulnerabilities to monitor your security posture and minimize your attack surface.