Cloud Protector

Cloud Protector targets small business owners, e-commerce and e-service website administrators and mid-size companies who need a cost-effective solution for protecting their presence on the web, their brand and reputation, but also the privacy of their data and that of their customers. Larger organizations may also take advantage of the subscription-based service for securing cloud-based and less-critical internet-facing applications, such as collaborative portals, extranets, corporate websites and webmail.

Cloud Protector secures your website in one-click without being a security expert:

  • Security: Be proactive. Protect your online business with a highly reliable and cutting-edge security solution. No more defacement, denial of service or data theft. With Cloud Protector, your site is always up and your reputation secure.
  • Simplicity: Subscribe, redirect your traffic with a simple DNS change. Setup requires only a few clicks, no hardware, no software. Automatically tune protection according to your specific needs.
  • Scalability: Large or small, your website has to handle a fluctuating number of visitors. Cloud Protector scales with the traffic on your website. It is fully-automated and highly redundant to maintain performance and adjust capacity during quieter periods to reduce costs.
  • Performance: Improve user experience with page acceleration. Cloud Protector accelerates your website load speed, no matter what device a visitor is using (laptop, mobile or desktop).
  • Monitoring: Do you know if your website is hacked? With Cloud Protector and its visual dashboard, see how your website is used, and monitor web attacks in real-time to deliver superior protection.
  • Confidence: Cloud Protector stores and processes data in European data centers, thereby precluding data access by foreign governments (not subject to US Patriot Act). Be confident in your data with Cloud Protector!
  • Plan Flexibility: You can change your plan at anytime in case you need more bandwidth at higher security. Once you upgrade, the change will take effect immediately. If your needs aren’t as high, you’re able to downgrade your plan at anytime. The change will take effect in the next billing cycle.
  • Managed Service: Please contact us to find out more about the Managed WAF Service available from our partners, which offers advanced features and numerous customization options based on Web Application Firewall.