gateprotect VPN-Client

Optimal integration of laptops and home offices
The gateprotect VPN Client was developed for connecting laptops and home-based workstations. This client supports IPsec as well as VPN over SSL.

Many competitors work only via web browser. The gateprotect VPN Client allows absolute access in SSL mode, if defined in the rule type. This makes it possible to use a multitude of applications through the SSL VPN tunnel, just like over a remote desktop.

By using X.509 certificates, the gateprotect VPN Client attains a similarly high security standard at VPN over SSL as does certificate-based IPsec. A VPN over SSL tunnel offers even more flexibility.

The VPN client supports the single-click connection developed by gateprotect. The VPN tunnel can be easily established using the configuration file, which can be exported from the firewall.

Advantages of the gateprotect VPN Client:
• High security standards thanks to X.509 certificates for VPN over SSL
• High compatibility through IPsec and VPN over SSL
• Availability of all services thanks to VPN over SSL tunnel
• Perfect compatibility with gateprotect firewalls
• Easy installation with single-click connection