Vulnerability Manager

Hackers systematically look for weak points in your IT infrastructure, targeting its network, system and application layers. Unpatched vulnerabilities, weak passwords and web application coding errors will be exploited if you don’t proactively identify and remediate them. DenyAll Vulnerability Manager provides a comprehensive set of scanners to monitor and efficiently improve the security of all your IT assets. CISOs, DevOps and pentesters use it to continuously detect vulnerabilities and thus, reduce the attack surface.
With DenyAll Vulnerability Manager, proactively detect IT vulnerabilities to monitor your security posture and minimize your attack surface:

  • Comprehensive view of all IT vulnerabilities: by scanning your entire infrastructure, from network devices, wifi access points, servers and workstation operating systems and applications. Custom reports with cutting-edge analytics capabilities for your management and your operational teams.
  • Schedule automatic scans: to ensure the continuous health of your IT assets on a time-based comparison of vulnerabilities.
  • Virtually patch your application-layer vulnerabilities: in a matter of minutes to prevent exploits until the vulnerability is finally removed.
  • Prioritize and remedy your discovered vulnerabilities: based on technical severity and the business importance of the assets and assigning tickets to your IT security team.
  • Data privacy: ensure your vulnerability data doesn’t leave your network and not being subject to US Patriot Act concerns.