Web Access Manager

With the increasing number of applications and methods of authentication, users face complex access issues when they connect to enterprise resources or services on the Internet. DenyAll Web Access Manager (WAM) simplifies the deployment of a web Single Sign On service which can be leveraged by all your web-based applications. By simplifying the authentication process for users, be they internal or external, it reinforces the overall security of your IT.
With DenyAll Web Acess Manager, streamline the authentication process to all your Web applications, simplify security for your users:

  • Web Single Sign On: users only have to login once to be granted access to all web applications, be they internal or external. Once authenticated, users access a portal page with links to all the applications they are entitled to use.
  • Authentication: all perimeter and application authentication methods are supported to simplify the process for users. Perimeter: login/password forms, http basic headers, client certificates, Kerberos, LDAP, Radius, mOTP, OTP/SMS, Elcard Application, etc…
  • Authorization: simplifying security for users means administrators can define their managing user access based on profiles and group policies. Use an existing Radius/LDAP directory or build your own by importing data from various sources.
  • Deployment: the product can be setup as an application authentication service/gateway, centralizing the authentication process inside the network perimeter, or combined with the Web Application Firewall in the DMZ, for holistic security.
  • Forensics Analysis: analyze your authentication logs to understand who did what in case of an attack, suspend and revoke rights as needed. Monitor how people are taking advantage their access rights.