Web Services Firewall

With cloud and mobile computing on the rise, APIs and XML traffic are at the heart of modern IT. Web Services and automated machine-to-machine communications support processes which are often business critical, be they internal only or also involving external members, such as suppliers, consumers and regulatory bodies.
With DenyAll Web Services Firewall, optimize the performance and security of your Web Services:

  • Workflow engine: optimizing XML traffic and configuring Web Services security is as simple as dropping boxes and dragging arrows. Making complex data flows and policy understandable by people not being familiar with that.
  • Industrialization: the product deployment can be automated using an API, thus increasing time-to-market and agility, while reducing cost of ownership. Automate basic administrative tasks, including initial setup and policy configuration, on-going monitoring and reporting activities.
  • Web Services security: protect your web services from denial of service, xPath injections, brute force, data leakage and intrusion attempts. XML parsing and scheme validation for DTD, WSDL, XSD, WADL. REST profiling and security using JSON or XML formats.
  • API Gateway: with its flexible workflow and content rewriting and routing capabilities, the product can easily replace an API Gateway. Ability to encrypt and decrypt parts of the content. SAML authentication integration as Service Provider.
  • Services learning: discover all members of your Web Services, profile them and understand the communications you need to ensure. Check all incoming namespaces, nodes, types and all possible values to understand how the web service actually works.