Connecting and encrypting data centers

Organizations need high-performance communication infrastructures between their data centers and sites. At the same time, they need to protect the transferred data against manipulation and spying by unauthorized third parties. To achieve this they need a strong end-to-end encryption. The encryption, including security management, throughput and availability, needs to integrate smoothly into the existing WAN infrastructure so that the secured network's performance is not impaired.

The R&S®SITLine ETH Encryption offers one-of-a-kind performance and flexibility when securing your network infrastructure. This is the first time worldwide that the encryption solution adapts to the increasing demands of the network. Next to saving a lot of space in the server rack, this solution provides easy line redundancy at all speeds.

The encryption at Layer 2 in the OSI model (ETHERNET) provides essential security for all transferred data. This happens independently of application scenarios, transmission paths or used applications. At the moment, this solution offers the highest throughput and the lowest latency there is on the market.

If you want to access private networks via the Internet from remote sites, home offices or mobile devices, we recommend encryption via Layer3 or TrustedVPN. You can achieve top security by preferring separate encryption devices over network devices with an integrated encryption feature. TrustedVPN is your state-of-the-art security infrastructure which provides you with a fully automatic ready-to-use solution. 

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