Data security

Your data is valuable. Companies consider it one of the top priorities of IT security to protect their data against targeted external attacks and accidental loss caused by employees. Losing customer or product data can damage a company's reputation severely and ruin years' work of costly research and development.

It is vital to securely encrypt connections between data centers, company sites and users. Even more so when you store or collect data at several sites or when different people have access to confidential information. Connecting and protecting mobile devices as well as efficiently checking all access points of privately owned and third-party devices is a crucial aspect of comprehensive data security. This is the only way to efficiently fight phishing mails and other forms of industrial espionage as well as to guarantee the security of personal data.

Data is not only exchanged by mail or FTP but also by web browsers or apps. Therefore, it is important to install a security solution that blocks ports but also recognizes applications and prioritizes or, if necessary, blocks them. These security solutions are:

  • Application Control: partly or entirely limits access to unwanted applications
  • Secure VPN connection: protects the connection between local sites/mobile devices and the company network (IPsec or VPN SSL support. Site-to-Site or Client-to-Site support)
  • Reporting/logging: logs all actions at the gateway and provides the opportunity to analyze protocols by different parameters
  • Endpoint security: comprehensively protects all mobile devices against all threats from the network and the Internet in real time
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