Network security

Office or B2B communications without the Internet is hard to imagine. Many companies use web-based applications and communicate in social networks, via microblogging. They stream multimedia content and employ cloud computing. Whether it is permitted or not, private and business use of the Internet often overlap. Protecting your network against attacks from the Internet is a great challenge. However, you will be successful if you have the right IT security solutions.
The Next-Generation Firewalls gateprotect NP+ are 19'' encryption appliances used to build up secure IP VPNs. These units secure data transmission via public and private networks by encrypting IP packages which will be transferred with authentication only. The firewalls take into account diverse service quality demands by traffic shaping, for example for Voice over IP (VoIP) and data.
Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity solutions include features such as Application Control that Application Control allow you to log and analyze the applications used by your company. Internet use can be adapted to the demands of specific business units. By blocking specific applications, you can make the most of your bandwidth and reduce the targets for malware and espionage attacks.

  • URL and content filter: blocks unwanted webpages and content
  • Application control: only permits wanted applications and partially or completely limits access to unwanted applications
  • Reporting/logging: logs all actions at the gateway and allows you to analyze the protocols by different parameters
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