TrustedGate for Office 365: Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity introduces new cloud solution for everydays office life

Microsoft Office 365 includes a variety of applications and tools (such as Exchange, SharePoint or Skype for Business) that are used daily in businesses. Companies often entrust applications in Office 365 with their most important data. This business-critical information must be protected against external cyberattacks, compromised user accounts and insider threats. Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity’s new TrustedGate for Office 365 solution combines the highest security standards with transparent working in the public cloud with office applications.

A new virtualization process was developed for this purpose. Uploading a document to Office 365 creates a virtual copy of the original document (vDoc). The vDoc contains only the metadata of the original document (such as keywords or classifications), without its confidential content. Authorized users can work transparently and securely with vDoc in existing workflows in Office 365. The original document with the sensitive content is encrypted and broken down into several parts (chunks) via a Software Defined Storage module (SDS) into servers or clouds (also outside of Office 365) selected by the user. The splitting of the encrypted original documents into chunks acts as an additional security measure against external attacks, e.g. with quantum computers. In addition, the configurable storage of chunks also enables the highest data protection regulations to be implemented, for example, the basic EU data protection regulation GDPR is also supported. The GDPR stipulates that certain files may not be stored abroad. With TrustedGate for Office 365, the user autonomously determines on which servers or cloud providers his encrypted original data or chunks are stored. This means that documents in Office 365 can be shared in the public cloud, while their chunks are on their own servers or on domestic providers.

Documents can be automatically encrypted with an existing classification. Even in encrypted documents a secure full text search is possible. The access rights are defined for the corresponding persons or groups - the document is then decrypted transparently for authorized users during the download. Users work in the familiar Office 365 environment and administrators can configure access rights and security policies centrally and flexibly. An additional security gain for confidential data: Attachments from emails can be automatically removed,encrypted and replaced with links in the email using a TrustedGate DLP (Data Leakage Protection) extension. The recipients can read, download or block the attachments via the links, depending on the assignment of rights and classification.

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